Sabaidee! Did ya miss me? God how I missed you… so here’s a giveaway!

Hallo lovely peeps. First off – can I just apologise for the radio silence in terms of my comments on this blog and others for the last couple of weeks? I’ve got a good excuse though – I’ve been in Laos and Thailand soaking up sun and culture! By the wondrous power of wordpress  I was able to pre-schedule a couple of posts to publish while I was away but responding to comments and keeping up with all my favourite blogs proved to be nigh-on frickin’ impossible. I did log on once to google reader to find no less than 468 unread blog entries to get through (I follow A LOT of blogs). I’ve given up on trying to catch up – I’m afraid I did the unthinkable and marked ALL AS READ. Don’t hate me! This is year dot. Let’s begin again, eh?

And what better way to begin again – than with a giveaway! My first giveaway in fact. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages, considering I’ve already benefitted from the most marvellous giveaways from Jane and Marie. I’ve just been looking for the perfect item – and I think I’ve found it.

Laos (along with  Thailand) is known for producing beautiful naturally-dyed silks. Whilst in Luang Prabang I was lucky enough to witness the daily dawn offering of alms by the locals to the monks who walk barefoot from street to street in total silence. The meditative peacefulness of the event, along with the beautiful saffron robes of the monks was really something amazing to behold. Here’s a (sensitively taken! no flashes and more than three metres away from any monk) picture:

Monk procession through Luang Prabang

Inspired by this I came across three metres of this rather stunning silk, purchased in Luang Prabang and I’m giving it away! It’s the most gorgeous saffron-orange – the picture probably doesn’t do it much justice but the way it shimmers in the sunlight… bliss! It’s not very wide – about 88 cms so hopefully the length should help you do something with it.

Saffron silk

All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on this blog entry telling me where you’d love to go for an adventure! The giveaway is open until 8pm (GMT) on Friday 17th February and is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Good luck!

P.S. Going from 35 degree heat to sub zero London does not a happy Joanne make. It took me an hour to defrost after walking home from the tube last night! I was most unsuitably dressed (denim coat, pumps, light trousers) for the big freeze. Brrrrrr!

47 thoughts on “Sabaidee! Did ya miss me? God how I missed you… so here’s a giveaway!

  1. Welcome back, lucky duck! I want to go to Thailand. But where I dream of going is the Maldives. I want to rent an over-the-water beach hut and drink out of a pineapple all day long. But I guess I should wait until things settle down politically. And I win the lottery.

  2. Hi there!

    I am soooo looking forward to travelling now, with the explicit aim of bringing home fabric instead of dust collectors that end up in on a windowsill somewhere! If I could go adventuring anywhere… it would for sure be a mainland Europe road trip, taking my car from Ireland to France and then… beyond! By taking my car.. I would be able to fill my car to the BRIM with fabric and notions and potions from all over and not be restrained by the 20kg baggage allowance. Hahahaha. Glad you had a wonderful holiday! The orange matches my hair, don’t you think?! Nice to find your blog. My blog: is the tales of a truly novice wannabe seamstress. I’m getting there!

    Take Care, Bundana X

  3. Welcome home even though it’s frrrreeeeezzzing! -6 here last night at 9:30 and -10 the night before!
    Wish list for travelling, hmmm. I’d love to go back to the Maldives as it was the most relaxed week of my life (and also our honeymoon!) but a long held ambition is Iceland! Fire and Ice, amazing scenery, wild almost savage beauty…
    Closer to home though, a shopping trip to Whalthamstow market, with a trip to Maculloch and Wallis! One day I will organise myself a day in London (just need to organise husband and boy is they stay home, and save some pennies!)

  4. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Wow, sound like an amazing adventure. Personally, Japan has been on the tippy~top of my must see list for years now; I am sooooo dying to go there ~ once during the cherry blossom festival season, and once to snowboard… I so want to go fabric shopping over there too! I love the silk, it looks gorgeous. :3

    bonita of Depict This!

    ~ * ♥ * ~

  5. What a fabulous trip! I would love to go to Vienna to marvel at all the Vienna Secessionist work like my favorite artist Klimt!
    Please count me in for your awesome giveaway! xx

  6. What a fantastic holiday it seems, and that fabric is yummy, yummy!

    I would love to go East and have been dreaming with China for a long time. One day I’ll make it!

    • Ah yes I’d love to go to China too Suzy. Weird that it seems so far away when Laos and Thailand are only next door. But it still feels like it! BTW I am so impressed that you’re going to start producing sewing patterns – I wish you all the very best and will be one of your first customers!

  7. Lovely holiday… for me an adventure would be a 2-3 month road trip around Europe. I’ve done 2-3 week trips in the past but there’s always something else to see!

  8. Oh I’m so jealous of your trip! Looks like you had a marvelous time, and that fabric is luscious! I’ve actually been wanting to go to Thailand myself for quite a while, but I think that #1 on my travel list at the moment would probably be Greece. I had the honor of traveling through Europe several years ago, but wasn’t able to make it down and over to Greece. Would love to go!

  9. Thanks so much for setting up this giveaway-the silk looks awesome. The place I want to travel to is Prague! I’m hosting a giveaway too-its part of Debi’s Sew Grateful theme and I’m giving away a Knipmode pattern magazine and its on my blog at See you around.

  10. Yes, we missed you!!! Hope you had a wonderful time. I remember Thailand for some dreadful sunburn. If I had to go on a dream holiday… I think I’ll tag along to the one mujerboricua described.

  11. Ooooh lovely sunny silk, what a generous giveaway, thank you. How lucky are you getting lashings of exotic sun and culture. I’ve not had many adventures abroad so have a long list!!! Top place is shared between a southern hemisphere ski safari and a fabric
    buying sight seeing trip to Hong Kong – or best of all both!! Lottery winning essential!

  12. I would love to visit Thailand and the adventure would have to include fabric buying forays. Love the giveaway, what an awesome colour, thanks so much.

  13. I would love an adventure in the far north of scotland after my friends went there and experienced the midnight sun. I think the fabric to return with would be harris tweed. Beautiful dresses or blouses from this gorgeous silk.

  14. My next dream trip would be to head north to see the aurora at the equinox. It’s a new moon, so it’s supposed to be a great time to view. My husband and I haven’t gotten our act together though. Maybe we will still pull a last minute trip out of our back pocket? I’m glad you had a great trip yourself!! Beautiful fabric, too. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  15. Welcome back, we surely did miss you!!! I hope your patterns have arrived & thanks for the mention!

    I would love to enter for this divine silk please. When I visited Thailand (yonks ago after Uni) I hadn’t discovered my passion for sewing yet, so I never did taken advantage of the beautiful fabrics etc :o(

    My ultimate adventure dream is to visit Japan, it’s on my bucket list!

  16. Holy cow, this silk is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the giveaway! I’m so glad you had a good trip! Hmm, there are so many trips I’d like to take, but I think I’d most like to have a Moroccan adventure!

  17. I would love to go to South Beach, Miami, FL USA. The Art Deco buildings are beautiful, the beaches are gorgeous, and the night life extends to the wee hours of the morning life. The warm weather is a plus as well since it is literally below freezing up north where I live. Someday, someday…

  18. Ooh lovely fabric and welcome back! I’ll bet it was amazing?!?

    I’ve always wanted to go to Cambodia so that would be my pick. I shall look forward to your pics from your holiday.

  19. I’m from Trinidad in the Caribbean and I absolutely adore my country. It’s very beautiful, and I would encourage anyone to visit. But I would love to go to New Zealand. Everytime I look at photos of the landscape, the hills and valleys, its so gorgeous. Also doesn’t hurt that the hubs and I are HUGE rugby fans with the All Blacks being our favourite team of course (of course!!).

    • Oh the Caribbean Josanne – you are SO LUCKY to live there. Just shows even peeps who live in dream destinations are dreaming about somewhere else entirely…!

  20. I’m so excited you went to Luang Prabang!!!! In April of ’06, I went backing solo in SE Asia for a five month trip. I met an English lad early on in the trip (art museum in Bangkok), and we traveled through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos together. While we liked most of the places we went, our favourite hands-down was Luang Prabang. It is so amazingly relaxed that time seems to just trickle by. I bought a quilt at the night market that’s still on the bed at my parent’s house, and a couple of pictures that are on the wall. I also gorged myself on the 99p Vegan Buffet street food market, which I very much hope is still there. (An aside about the monks, one of my favourite memories is seeing a novice monk walking down the street with a walking stick. He looked around to see if anyone was watching him, and when he thought the coast was clear, he chucked his walking stick up in the air as high as he could, then took off running when it started to fall onto his head!!! It was so very funny to see the calm veneer broken, if only for a split second!)

    Anyhow, this past November, I married that English lad from my travels. After I finish my studies this summer, we plan to do a lot of traveling. On the agenda is South America (e.g. Inca trail), India (virtually everywhere). I’d love to go back to Southeast Asia as well, after all, it’s where I met mi esposo (<–practicing the espanol), so obviously it has a lot of personal signficance, but we'll have to see about the money and time. 🙂 Thanks a lot for the giveaway, and for reading through my long-winded entry! 🙂

  21. I was wondering where you went! I’m so jealous of your adventures. I want to go somewhere warm and sunny! Boo!!

    If I could go anywhere, I’d go to Macedonia to visit my bestie. I miss her so much! Of course I’d wait until spring, because I can’t handle that cold 🙂 And then we’d adventure over to Greece and eat olives & cheese all day. Oh man, why can’t I be rich?

    • Hey Nashville is on my bucket list too Lauren 🙂 Macedonia eh? I’ll have to consult my globe to even see where that is! Considering my fairly wide travel experience my geography is shocking…

  22. I absolutely adore traveling. My beau and I spent all of 2010 in India (my second time) and it was a learning experience, let me tell you! For my next big adventure (I kinda like to do off the beaten path travelling) it’s a toss up between Scotland and New Zealand.

  23. OH.
    did you buy that fabric for me? my favourite – silk! in one of my favourite colours! you shouldn’t have! lol ^__^

    Lucky you – must have been AMAZING!! I have tons of travel goals/dreams but my biggest would have to be Egypt. I’ve always been in love with all things Egypt: the history, art, architecture… and I think I’d even like to wear a burkha lol XD

  24. What a truly thoughtful thing to do especially to give away!

    I am actually just about to embark on a mini adventure… first time trip totally solo, train-ing it up to Scotland in search of the Northern Lights. Can’t. Wait.


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