Foxy! Fabric!


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In the words of Rolf Harris, “Can you guess what it is yet?” No neither can I to be honest…

Today I am extolling the beauty, nay the majesty, of animal prints. Not the striped, speckled or spotted kind, mind. No – for me the joy of a good animal print is seeing the little critters gambolling all over my wardrobe. I’ve already sewn up a whale blouse and a rabbit smock top. I also have a blousy tunic from Dotty P’s sprinkled with kitties.  I plan to build on this menagerie and breed the little blighters further.

I’ve been thinking about foxes lately and a quick bit of research on the interwebs has unearthed some charming examples of foxy fabric that would make the cutest dresses, the sweetest shirts and the most darling bags. Check them out…

Foxen by Holli Zollinger (Spoonflower)

Foxen by Holli Zollinger (Spoonflower)

Foxy by Anika (Monaluna)

Foxy by Anika (Monaluna)

This particular fabric has been used beautifully by Isabel over here.

Foxes fabric by Nicola Clare (Spoonflower)

Foxes fabric by Nicola Clare (Spoonflower)

Little Red Fox by Fabric by Bora (Spoonflower)

Little Red Fox by Fabric by Bora (Spoonflower)

How about you? Is there a particular species within the animal kingdom that you just can’t get enough of fabric-wise?

12 thoughts on “Foxy! Fabric!

  1. I fell in love with a gray sheer print that had little white geese with little white bonnets tied with red ribbons. I’m making a top/tunic from it right now. There should be a post about it on my blog soon.

  2. I’ve got the Anika fox print and have used it for all kinds of different things to sell at craft fairs (wash bags, cushions, purses). Everything I make with it sells straight away – people like a good fox print! And an owl print in my experience. I like bird prints personally. x

    • Oooh, I love a good animal print! I’m with Jane…birds in general, especially owls, float my boat. Although I scream if they fly anywhere near me in real life! The foxes are very cool too!

  3. Nice post, I really like foxes so I’m coming out of hiding/lurking on your blog to link so cool versions I found- (this one’s my fav. because its hand block printed on yellow fabric), this one’s actually a tie because everything in Sian’s shop is awesome, this is a cute one from a shop that also does bunnies etc, this one’s cool because the foxes look like arctic foxes (the same shop has other woodland themes and awesome chickens). Disclaimer-I’m not affiliated with any of these shops just sharing the fox love because you were nice enough to share your finds.

  4. I was in Next lunchtime and they seem to have a few tops with owls on them. Definitely part of the zeitgeist at the moment – animal prints.

  5. Those are soo so so cute! It’d be hilarious to make a super-sexy wiggle dress from fox printed material… A visual joke…

    I am particularly drawn to lobsters at the moment, particularly those of the southwest pacific region…

  6. Ooh, I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for bird and butterfly prints but I’ve seen lots of insect prints around lately that I’m loving too. Those foxy ones are great, the first one in particular. A dress in that would be amazing! Will be waiting so see what you come up with!

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