Colette Violet – the sequel

So I have a bit of a confession to make. I had intended to do something different with this version, maybe some piping or something round the collar. But I was so excited to be whipping up a blouse in a day I just kind got on with it instead. So it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the previous Violet – but in a different fabric. Hey – if it ain’t broke etc.

Colette Violet: The sequel

Again I used fabric from Walthamstow market at £2 a metre. Bargainous. The buttons are vintage and are from a stash my mother-in-law gave me a few years back. I love their larger size – they make me feel like a kid again for some reason!

Colette Violet: The sequel

I absolutely know I will make this again. I just can’t resist how easy or how cute it is. I’m in danger of slipping into Violet-dependency though…

Colette Violet: The sequel

In other news, I’m woefully behind on the Minoru sewalong. I’ve only just cut out the fabric. Plus, I know I won’t get any sewing time over the next couple of weeks so I’ll miss the deadline completely.  Thank god for blogs where you can go back in your own time and start again!

I’ve really been enjoying Sewaholic’s Renfrew pattern-testers cropping up all over the place. Karen and Jane‘s are particular highlights – fantastic versions and a great advertisement for the pattern. One for the list.

And finally, I’ve mastered* crochet! I’ve been whipping up granny squares when I get a moment for the last couple of days, ever since my friend Bridie came round for another tutoring session last week. I shouted and cried all the way through (sorry Bridie) but I got there in the end. I’m not up to the crochaliser standard yet, more’s the pity.

Yay for crochet

*When I say mastered I mean I can do one version of a granny square and my tension is probably all wrong but I’m happy as Larry just knowing that I’ve got the basics.

What about you? Any new crafty skills you’re learning? Does it feel weird being an absolute beginner again?

32 thoughts on “Colette Violet – the sequel

  1. Oh, I love a quick, satisfying make! Your first Violet certainly was’t broke, so no need to fix this one. I love both versions so much, I’m now itching to try the pattern myself!

    Your crochet squares are impressive by the way! I’m going to start taking lessons at the end of Feb and I’m currently learning to knit. I’m not a complete knitting beginner, but sometimes it certainly feels like it ;o)

  2. CUTE Violet! Now that I’m almost done with my coat, I am side-eyeing the hell out of some fun/quick patterns. Violet is at the top of my list – I want a fitted one like yourssss!

    Hehe I learned how to crochet years before I learned how to knit. Maybe it was due to my background in crochet, but I picked up knitting soooo much faster. I think it is so much easier! All I can crochet are squares (dishcloths? scarves?) and granny squares. I think yours look adorable, btw!

    • Cheers Lauren. I highly recommend fitting it – you’ll never look back! I love crocheting granny squares because they’re so quick! Next time Bridie is going to show me a double crochet edge to finish them off. Ooh it’s great when you have a willing teacher!

  3. I love your violets! And your Granny squares are gorgeous – I’m soo impressed as I’d love to crochet but need to find a selfless and very patient to teach me!

    Ah, I’m starting to dream about walthamstow market! £2 a metre?! No fair!

  4. I usually say, “I love the fabric choice.” And I do. But I love your button choice even more! One day I’ll be brave enough to make this pattern. I love the pattern but I’m afraid it won’t love me back for some reason. We’ll see eventually.

    I definitely feel a bit of a struggle with knitting. And a bit ADD when it comes to it. I usually sit and finish a sewing project in a day or so. Not the case with knitting. I put it aside and completely forget about it. Maybe I’ll like it more once I get better at it? Kind of like what happened with sewing.

    • I guess in a way that’s the nice thing about knitting and crochet – you CAN put it aside for a while and come back to it without necessarily feeling as guilty as you would with sewing. Crochet is great as each granny square is a ‘WIN’! Glad you like the buttons – I love them too 🙂

  5. Where did you get the pattern from? A UK supplier or did you order from the website?
    I’ve been looking at maybe buying the collette sewing book.
    Its odd sometimes being a beginner and yet not one. I’ve sewn since I was little (remember being given some aida and thread and keeping myself occupied.) But I’m new to this clothes making thing. I’m also starting to get the hang of embroidery, like learning more than basic crosstitch.

    • Hey Lady D – I generally get my Colette patterns from the Colette website – I like dealing with them directly. But you can also get them from Sewbox and Backstitch websites, as well as Liberty (although they’re 18 in Liberty!). I’d very much recommend the book – you’re getting 4 or 5 patterns for the price of one plus a wealth of information and advice on fabric types, choosing what to sew, fitting for your shape etc. There’s also a sewalong going throughout the year on all the patterns in the book (click on the Colette sewalong image on the right of my blog pages) so you can get plenty of support whilst making up the garments too.

      Embroidery is another one I’d love to try. It would be wonderful to embellish collars and circle skirts with little designs 🙂

  6. Joanne is being entirely modest here. She did squeal a bit for the first 10 minutes as she hadn’t practiced since our last session before Christmas – but quickly got the hang of it again.

    Knitting and crochet much more portable than sewing with a machine!

  7. Stop tempting me! Right, that’s it, another Violet is on the list, definitely a fitted version this time. I love those buttons so much and they’re a perfect match for the fabric – gorgeous.
    Thanks for the Renfrew mention, have just cut another two out ready to sew! x

  8. Yep, it’s a winner! Love the button choice too. My violet is pining for me, don’t think it’s experiencing the make in a day satisfaction, but I can see how it’s possible. I’m itching to have time to finish it, as I’m dying to see how it fits….

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