Boutique by Jaeger – be mine

A quick midweek post while I finish off my Colette Violet. I just spent a delicious lunchtime gliding around Jaeger looking at their Boutique by Jaeger range.

I used to think that Jaeger was where posh people’s mums went for bridal outfits. That may possibly be true of the rest of their range but I never stray far enough from BBJ to check them out. The BBJ range is described on the website as ‘the edgy younger sister of Jaeger. Combining a playful ‘60s spirit with a clean, contemporary aesthetic, expect to find classic pieces with a youthful edge.’  Let me tell you guys, BBJ is right up my strasse. But shame! I can’t afford much (if any of it). A few lovely pieces are in the sale but my January budget won’t stretch to treating myself I’m afraid.

So I will content myself by pinning some designs on my Pinterest board and using them for inspiration. Here’s a peek at a few – which is your favourite?

Large check wool dress

Love the tartan? gingham? check and warm colours of this. The shape is very wearable, and dare I say doable? It’s just a simple tunic with yolk at the top, 3/4 sleeves and a few bows isn’t it? It reminds me of my self-drafted copycat top a bit – perhaps I could extend that into a dress?

Edie Silk Star Print Blouse

Isn’t this cute? Love the double peter pan collar. Reckon this would be fairly simple to recreate, what do you think?

Edie Silk Skater Dress

Oh how divine. The little flared cuffs, the bias bound edges, the belt. Sigh. There’s something of the Colette patterns about this dress isn’t there?

Silk Check Tulip Skirt Dress

Gorgeous gingham. I had a good stroke of this instore and can confirm it’s made of the most lovely silk dupioni. The tulip skirt is particularly nice. Can anyone confirm if they are what’s called princess seams running down either side of the bodice? More cute bow detail too. Such a nice detail to include on any item.

That’s enough dolly-day dreaming for me… but if anyone has any pattern suggestions (or fabric suggestions) let me know!

On another note, does anyone else go round shops thinking “I could make that at a push”? It’s started to creep in with me on simpler garments. Still get blown away by some lovely fabrics  that I know I could never find myself though.

17 thoughts on “Boutique by Jaeger – be mine

  1. Love the top one – and it reminds me of the Lisette Itinerary dress ( which I’ve had some success with recently adapting to make a simple yoked tunic/dress (inspired by a Monsoon dress!). I find that the original dress is too sack-like on me (tall but quite curvy) so I put darts in the front and back to make it more fitted. The pattern also has an obi belt so you could get the cinched in effect. I think you should have a go!!

  2. Mmmmm, thanks for sharing, a nice selection of things. I agree that the peter pan collar blouse is very Colette, and the fabric of the top dress is similar to some I have just bought to make a Peony dress.
    I feel the same about a lot of high street garments. Even the fancier stuff is just made using nicer fabric, but as you say, the issue is to be able to find similar fabric to buy.

  3. The blue dress! So pretty! So perfect for a certain Stateside Spring-time trip I’m planning… Might have to have a rummage in my pattern stash for something similar.

    Can’t wait to see your Violet! Thinking of having a go as well… That is, after the Negroni promised to my stepdad and I reckon I need a Beignet or 2 in my life!

  4. I hadn’t heard of Jaeger, as I’m from Canada but they sure have some cute styles!! I love the blue double Peter Pan collared top – I think it could be recreated with some cleverness 😉 The blue dress totally has a Colette feel, you could probably combine a couple patterns and tweak the sleeves to make it work 🙂

    I think the reason I started sewing in earnest last year was because I’ve always had that feeling of ‘i could make that’ with just about everything – i do it in restaurants, in shops, everywhere LOL. I have that curse of having “champagne tastes on a beer budget” LOL. Even if something is beyond my skill set now, I know I have the ability to learn how to do something and who doesn’t love a challenge? 😀

  5. GINGHAM!!! It’s amazing! I absolutely love it, and want to make it now! Yup, princess seams, into pleats. Easy 🙂
    They’re all pretty simple designs, you should definitely give it a go.

  6. All lovely! I always look to see how stuff is made. One of the shops in my local town has had a variety of flimsy floaty tops that were basically two rectangles and an exposed zipper. All I could think was ‘I could so easily make that’ rather than spend 50 quid! I haven’t made one, but I know that I could!

  7. Lovely pics, I love love the gingham dress! And the princess seams are great, flattering, and easy to alter for (my) tiny bust, but I wouldn’t want to try to match the plaid…
    And I totally agree with the “I could make that” feeling when shopping – but the great conundrum always is “where could I get fabric like that?” I particularly have that problem with things from Boden – such simple designs, but such amazing fabrics!

  8. I also fell in love with the check tunic dress whilst browsing in John Lewis but blanched at the price. I love the autumnal colours. The design looks fairly simple so I’m going to have a bash at making something similar. Only thing is the fabric. Where to find such lovely prints and cloth? I frequently have ‘l could make that’ moments when I go shopping. I also look at stuff with no intention of buying it, just to see how it’s made, especially in stores where that use quirky construction techniques.

  9. The large wool dress from Jaeger Boutique has just been reduced again. I bought mine from the website and got it yesterday. I love it.

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