So long seersuckers! Simplicity 3835

Ola lovely readers. Just one week of sleeps left to Christmas, eh? Hasn’t it come quickly! I’ve been spending the last couple of days (in between Christmas dos and drinks of course) finishing up my first Simplicity 3835. Although I was desperate to get this finished so I could start on New Look 6000, I just know that’s not going to happen this week. So this is probably my last finished dress of the year. Here it be, the So Long Seersuckers! dress:

Simplicity 3835


I see my husband is getting a little enthusiastic about the quirky angles. Hmm. Anyhoo, I made this from some uber cheap seersucker cotton from Abakhan fabrics – it was just under £3.50 a metre. And of course it’s one of my favourite colours – teal, so I’m chuffed.

The pattern ran quite large so I cut out an 8 according to the finished garment measurements, rather than the 12 recommended for my size and I’m glad I did – there’s plenty of room.

Simplicity 3835

The hardest parts were attaching the little ties on the sleeves – lots of steps, each of which you just  had to trust. ‘So I have to sew round the edges between the dots? Why? For the love of God why?’ It all made sense in the end. Attaching the collar was tricksy too – the arcs don’t match! One is convex the other is concave (or something). It’s simply not natural, I tell you. Also I’d bought an invisible zip, and the pattern instructions called for a lapped zipper. Now I have no idea if you can do that with an invisible zipper and I wasn’t about to try it out. I ended up winging it a bit at the back but it’s alright.

simplicity 3835

I’d definitely make this again, but I’d work a bit on gathering more at the front than at the sleeves and I’d like a version without the ties (so I can pop a cardy on over the top). I’d also like to find a good walk through online first – anyone know of one?

By the way – how much of a show-off is our Gracie? I can barely take a pic without her sashaying into view with her tail in the air. Proper little madam.




18 thoughts on “So long seersuckers! Simplicity 3835

  1. Ooh, it’s got such a Sixties vibe! The Lisette Simplicity tunic has a similair collar construction and, yes, it’s a bit of a nightmare. I have used an invisible zipper to make a lapped zipper, but I wouldn’t recommend it. An invisible zipper has a bit of natural give in it where it rolls over to make the zip teeth invisible, and you don’t really want this making your lapped placement gape under stress. Your final dress of the year – be proud!

  2. I think 2011 has been the year of the dress for you Joanne, you’ve made some really lovely ones, including this. I love the shorter length and the sleeve ties, although I would probably find it frustrating not to be able to fit a cardy over the top too! x

  3. teeheee! Your Gracie is a rockstar ;D

    I love this dress A LOT! Especially the ties make me crying out for more… LOOOVE!!!!! I hope i am able to figure out how to make this or finding the pattern somewhere! Any ideas?? 🙂

    • Thank you very much! Now, I downloaded the pattern and printed it out. Meant sticking lots of sheets together but i then traced my size with swiss tracing paper so I have a good sturdy copy. I downloaded it so long ago I can’t remember where I got it from. Had a quick search on google for you but no luck… am sure it’s out there… If I find a link will send to you!

  4. Love this dress – it looks so comfy to wear. And I’m jealous of your Abakhan Fabrics purchace…I was excited when I discovered the site as I got some really lovely cheap fabric from them…but they have now increased the postage to N.I. to £10!!!! I’ve been eyeing up some swiss dot cotton from there…but at that price I don’t think I’ll be buying any. 😦
    And I just love Gracie – she is so flurfy!

    • Oh missus! A tenner for delivering to NI? That’s ridiculous – you should complain to them as it shouldn’t be much more expensive in terms of postage. Awh 😦

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