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Hallo peeps – how is your run up to Christmas going? Is it the calm before the storm, are you in a whirlwind of frenetic sewing and buying and cooking, or have you finished all your preparations to the festive season and popped your slippered feet up for a well-deserved rest? Me? I’m somewhere in between. I’m pretty sure I’ve bought everything I need to with the exception of one present. The turkey and the sausage meat is ordered and the wine is in. So it’s time for some bonus sewing!

With the exception of Ann and Dale’s dressing gowns I hadn’t planned to give any handmade gifts this year. For one, I didn’t think I’d be able to do something so well that the recipient would love it and forsake a store-bought version for it, and for another – I don’t know that many people who would like handmade gifts to be honest. Maybe as bonus gifts to the real thing…

Which is what I’m doing! Over the weekend I did a bit of stash-busting. I have so many fat quarters (oi! oi! stop that sniggering at the back) I don’t know what to do with them and quite a lot of leftover fabric from other home-type projects like cushions etc.  This tutorial for making a double oven glove is brilliant. It’s so incredibly easy. I bought a couple of metres of Insul Bright filler from Doughty’s (think it was Handmade Jane that provided the link in one of her blog posts) and got to work. It only took a couple of hours – and here it is.

Oven mitts

There’s just one thing stopping me from giving this away as a gift. My bias binding was a little slim which meant there’s a teeny bit where it’s not quite pulled under one of the pouches. Try as I might to unpick and redo this bit it just kept slipping free so I’m going to fix it with a few hand stitches and keep it for myself. I’ve ordered  a bunch of wider bias binding so once that’s arrived I’ll get on with knocking out a few more.

Simplicity 3835

I’ve cut out my pieces for Simplicity 3835 (mini dress view) in a lovely seersucker teal cotton. I’m quite excited about this one. I’m hoping it will be a nice simple project to get on with while I wait (and wait and wait…) for New Look 6000 to land on my doormat. Why won’t the internet elves hurry up? You’d think they had something better to be getting on with. Hmph.  Want to join Scruffy Badger’s sewalong. Although it’s great seeing posts as they come in as I’m getting loads of tips on underlining and fitting before I even start.

I’m on the lookout for fabric now for the Minoru jacket sewalong starting in January. I’m thinking a soft grey corduroy outer shell with a teal/polka dot lining. What do you think? Any good tips for quality (but affordable) corduroy? I’ve just read that Suzy is doing the same sewalong, and I’m pretty certain Karen is which is ace. Anyone else?

Finally I have a UFO lurking in my sewing room. The Trudy-tribute coat is gathering dust motes at the moment. I’m not quite sure if I can return to it yet. I’m not quite sure that it can still be termed the Trudy-tribute coat either to be honest – I think it will be very different. But that’s cool – it could wait until spring as it would be too light to wear over winter anyway.

So that’s me. What about you? Are you itching to get on with a project pour toi and cursing all those evil lifelong friends and family for making you do selfless sewing? Or is it actually quite nice to have a change?

Oh, before you go, here’s a pic of Keef ‘n’ Gracie doing their seasonal Nativity play. Keef wanted to play Mary… again…

Cat nativity


8 thoughts on “Works in progress

  1. I’m also going to participate in the Minoru Sew-a-long and I’m pretty pumped. I found four yards of black & white-checked wool at the thrift store for only $8, so I knew it was perfect for an everyday jacket. Haven’t decided on my lining yet, though.

    I wanted to try to the New Look 6000 dress with Scruffy Badger Time, too, but I’ve already busted my fabric budget this month (as usual) and have such a long project list to tackle. Maybe I’ll get to it after the Minoru. I can’t wait to see yours!

  2. i’m working on a new pair of clovers – in red! i made a few more fitting adjustments, hopefully i didn’t ruin them hahahaha.

    i think this is the first year in a long time that i’m not giving anyone handmade gifts. i love making gifts, but it’s frustrating when no one really appreciates them 😦 i actually am making my boyfriend a negroni shirt for his present, but i want it to be a surprise so i’m just going to give him the pattern and a gift certificate (so he can pick out the fabric himself) and then start the sewing after christmas 🙂 sneaky sneaky.

  3. Ha, ha! This blog post couldn’t be more timely. I am reading it as a break from the ‘knit a beret in a day’ deadline I have given myself to make a final gift for my sister. I wouldn’t mind, but this is a self-imposed deadline working on the assumption that she will actually make a date to meet me before Christmas – otherwise, this is a total waste of time. Making for others – a chore when deadlines get tight. Making for unreliable members of the family – WHY?!!!! Oh well, back to the knitting…!

  4. Your friends and family are very discerning – that oven glove looks perfect to me! I’ve just got to make my boys some flannel PJ bottoms to wear on xmas eve. I’ll use the tutorial you had on your blog in the summer, so they should only taken an hour each to make. Then I’m all set for xmas!!! x

    • Heheh I’ve hidden the mistake very well 🙂 I’ve got some fat bias binding now to ready to rock ‘n’ roll with a few more versions. Ooh your boys are lucky ducks – fresh jammies on xmas eve are my FAVOURITE thing in the world – and made by mum too. Delightful!

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