So I promised you a croqui…

Well, do you promise not to laugh? Unlike my husband who dissolved into a fit of giggles last night when I bounded in on him in tights and vest top looking like a demented Marcel Marceau with a digital camera? Or who literally laughed until he cried when I was sorting through the images on the laptop? You sure?

Here we are (stop sniggering at the back).

It looked a bit alien so I coloured in the hair and eyes for a later edition…

Yeah so NOW it looks normal! Hahhaha. Bonkers.

So not really sure what to make of this, or how to read it. Am I right in saying I have a high waist, or is it a long crotch? I think the pear shape goes without saying. Looking at this silhouette I’d guess that this gal would suit curved/tightish shaped dresses (a bit like McCalls 2401) or straightish/A-line dresses to the knee, rather than full/long skirts. Rounded shoulders maybe. I like that my collar bones stand out a bit – might be nice to find a neckline that shows them off a bit more. Not much going on up top. That’s cool. I came to terms with that when I was 14 or so.

I’m very tempted now to start playing paper dress-up dolls again!

I’ve got a bunch of these printed out now so I’ll start playing around with them at home. The Colette Sewing Handbook recommends using them for inspiration, pasting swatches of fabric on them, sketching shapes over the body etc. It’s going to be a lot of fun in any case!

Oh go on, you do it too. I showed you mine…

P.S. Heres my colour-coded button box… for all you neat freaks out there.



17 thoughts on “So I promised you a croqui…

  1. Confession: Last night I rooted thru my supply area looking for an empty divided box for buttons- you inspired me! No more loose sandwich bags.
    My husband would have wanted to draw a Princess Leia metal bikini on my outlines…..

  2. Hehe, love it! Looks like a fun and useful exercise! Although your croqui is beautiful, I do think anyone who posts their own is incredibly brave! I’m petrified of what mine would reveal. Well, actually, I know exactly what it would reveal, but I’m not sure I’m ready to look at it so plainly. Eeek!

  3. It’s amazing! I salute your ballsy bravery, and your beautiful figure! I’m doing a “bridal consultancy” and have done the same so we can play around with wedding dress ideas on her silhouette. Do I dare do mine next…? Might wait til the festive season has been digested. x

  4. Your post yesterday inspired me to make my own croqui, except seeing yours I want to retake the photos – I should have worn a really close fitting top. I will put it on my to do list I think.

  5. It’s great seeing people making croquis. I haven’t done it, but I imagine you’ll find it really useful.

    I sort my buttons the same way! (I have to admit I have 4 or 5 of those containers for buttons, eek!)

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  7. This is facinating – i got an email today telling me my colette sewing handbook has been dispatched woo hoo!
    So whilst I may have a go at this, I doubt it will be fit for mass exposure … Might scare the horses!?

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