Pay day sewing treats for me

Ooh isn’t it nice when you can treat yourself to a few wee knick knacks  you desperately want need? I paid a little trip to John Lewis at lunchtime today (oh WHY have they put the haberdashery beside the children’s toys, WHY?) to pick up some sewing fripperies essentials. I just thought I’d share them with you:

Gadgets 'n' gizmos

Item 1: A seam gauge

I’ve wanted one of these for ages. What can I use it for? I don’t know yet but I’m going to find out. Doesn’t it look immensely anachronistic? It’s practically surgical!

Item 2: Proper hooks and eyes

Because I’m sick of bending the rubbish pound shop ones I currently have when I rip them out of their string-tied packet, and because I currently appear to have two eyes for every hook. I think the cats have developed a taste for them. They sure love those glass-headed pins…

Item 3: Rivets/grommets/eyelets

What the heck do you call these little fellas? In any case I’m going to make some fabulous belts next year (hopefully) so I’ll need me some reinforced holes to poke the thingy through.

Item 4: Button box

This rather ugly little compartmentalised box is going to transform my ragbag of thrifted and gifted buttons into a colour-coded haven of orderliness. That is the hope, dear readers. The reality will be three colour coded buttons in each bit and an overflowing ‘spare’ bit. But we dream.

Tonight I’ll be working on the second of my mystery Xmas presents. After wrestling with the first one, punching the wall, re-reading the instructions 100 times and then working it out myself (note to Butterick – please make your ‘easy’ patterns easy to understand for beginners?) the second is proving a cinch. Hope to share the results with you next week after I present them to the unsuspecting recipients.

I’ll also be wearing mostly leggings tonight as I make my first ever croqui, as recommended by the Colette Sewing Handbook which I’m steadily working my way through. (I keep re-reading bits as it’s so.damn.good.) You wear tight fitting clothes like leggings and a vest top, take a picture and then trace around your outline so you get a realistic view of your body. You then use it as a template for designs and inspiration. Ali from Wardrobe Reimagined has just done it and it looks like such a good way of working out whether you’ll suit a particular style or just coming up with ideas and sketches for future projects. I may share, if the results aren’t truly dreadful…

What are you up to this week? And have you treated yourself to any new sewing gadgets or gizmos. Ooh do share – I love a gizmo.

17 thoughts on “Pay day sewing treats for me

  1. I have a few of those seam guides, I love them so much. So useful for hems.

    Not that it is really a gadget or gizmo, but I am stalking around the internet looking for suitable feet for my vintage sewing machine. The others were thrown out along with the foot control. I have bought three and only one was suitable, but that foot has been useful for topstitiching, the sole reason I acquired the machine in the first place.

  2. mmmm….I love organizzzzaaaaation!!! Give us a glimps of your fully operational colour-coded botton box when it’s done – you know that’s porn for us sewing types!

  3. If it’s the Oxford St John Lewis you’re talking about, I know exactly what you mean about the unfortunate layout. The haberdashery part of Leicester JL is smaller but calmer, next to shoes, bags and tights! I’ve got my eye on sewing machine feet for pintucks and bias binding. They’re a bit expensive though and I bought fabric last week…

  4. Fun! I can’t believe that a seam gauge you bought in 2011 looks exactly the same as the one bought for me as a child to set my seeing box up! Mine’s kinked, I bought another, but it’s not as good …. Happy making and button sorting too

    • I actually kinked it a bit last night pulling it out of the packaging – I thought it would be made of steel but it’s like tin or something. I straightened it out as much as possible – hope it’s alright to use…

  5. Why do you have a Colette Handbook and I don’t? Curse you, Amazon! I don’t have a button tray, just an old jam jar. I don’t have a seam gauge, either. Actually, the only thing I do have from your haul are hooks and eyes. I can hardly stand the refurbished haberdashery in John Lewis Oxford Street. Who had the bright idea of putting down loads of cheap-looking laminate? Taking a picture of myself in leggings and a tight T-shirt. Do I have to?!!!

    • I know – Jane was saying hers hadn’t arrived either. Feel bad now, but not bad enough to say it’s ace – you’ll love it! I’ve just outlined my croqui – it’s so weird seeing your body like that. I demand you do the same. Agree JL Ox St needs a rethink. Plus it’s full of Kirstie Allsop branded gifts! More fabric, less chintz please.

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