It’s just all about me, really

Confession: I’m a sewing stalker, a plagiarist, and a green-eyed monster.

When I spotted a post from Scruffy Badger Time, pondering which winter dress she might knock up next, I immediately honed in on two patterns she was mulling over: the New Look 6000 and the Simplicity 7845. Within minutes I’d found them and bought them. Immediately the frothing at the mouth receded and my WANTTHATWANTTHATWANTTHAT bulging eyes had sunk back into my skull. Happiness was resumed and smugness had settled like a warm blanket around me… until next time…

Check these babies out.

New Look 6000

I absolutely love this pattern. It’s very Joanie, non? Specifically View C. I have a dark green fabric I could use for this – it may be crepe (not sure about my fabrics yet). But then I’m looking at the purple-blue colour of View A and thinking hmm might be time to hit me up some new fabric as an early Christmas present to me from me. Why, thank you me!

And what about this little darling?

Simplicity 7845

The neckline on the middle view fits all the boxes I currently adore: vintage, feminine, gamine. Ooh be still my beating heart (and related pulsatile tinnitus – more of that in another post). I found it on Etsy. Even with shipping from the US it came in around standard pattern price (about £12). I recently bought a really heavy sort of satin from Walthamstow market with a fabulous sixties vertical flower print on it. It’s almost curtain material and could be stiff enough to create a really dramatic neckline. And look at that hairdo! A dress like this requires some serious up-tresses.

The sewing monster has been placated even further today – Amazon has announced it has finally despatched my Colette Sewing Handbook. I’ve waited patiently (snarled, yapped, nipped and grizzled) throughout the sweet Colette posts on the Meringue and the Taffy and the Licorice. Now they will be mine – all mine! Can’t wait to get my little paws on it. What about my UK friends? Anyone else got the book on order? Have you got your copy yet?

In  other news I’m working on two top secret projects for an early Christmas present so I can’t give you any details yet. Suffice to say I’m struggling with a neckline that doesn’t seem to match up and calls for ‘pivoting’ in the most illogical fashion. I only hope it works out as I ain’t got no back up plan…

18 thoughts on “It’s just all about me, really

  1. This made me laugh at loud, you could have been describing me! I thought I was the only one who did that whole mad purchasing of patterns to satisfy my inner WANTWANTWANT sensor. I’ve sometimes even bought the pattern before I’ve even finished the post, just so I can read the rest of it in peace!
    I haven’t had a despatched e-mail yet for my Colette book and I don’t think I can bear the wait. Especially as Lladybird who won my Colette giveaway keeps enticing me with sewing tips from it and, as of today, a finished skirt!!!!! xx

    • Jane is must only be a matter of time before you get yours then if mine is coming. Ack – the frustration you must be feeling! I saw Lladybird’s skirt – absolutely frickin’ gorgeous (as the lady might say herself)

  2. So I’m not the only one that reads sewing blogs with a pack of post it notes handy, for plotting and shopping? I want view C too. It totally makes my inner Joan Holloway happy.

    • Brilliant Jane and Prettynpnk – so it’s not just me? I’m so happy to know there are similarly crazed women out there, gnashing at the bit! Good tip about post it notes PnP 😉

    • True Jo. I have on occasion leafed through the catalogues in John Lewis – but they never seem to inspire me there… also there’s always some mad doddery old ladies loitering and poking me with their talcum-scented elbows…

  3. Oh yes, I saw the New Look 6000 and thought ‘Want’! There’s no such thing as original thought! Personally, I can’t wait for the day when we all meet up wearing the exact same dress but in different fabrics. An homage to an inspiration to an interpretation to a rip off… C’est la vie, plus ca change! It’s what I love about blogging. It’s all about community, innit?

  4. Ooh yes, view C of the New Look one. Something else to add to my list of things I want to make. I’m in the UK and oredered the Colette book from the book depository. It arrived last week and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a joy to read but absolute torture – I’m pregnant, I can’t make anything!!!!

  5. hmmmm if i remember rightly, i think i “borrowed” your idea for the trudy coat! What is it they say….copying is the highest form of flattery?
    Like the NEw Look but i made something similar the other day with a neckline like view c and had to scrap the neck tie/band thing as it looked really weird. Hope yours turns out better.

  6. hehe glad it wasn’t just me 🙂 I thought I’d have a quick blog read after a day’s crochet and came across the lovely scruffy’s post with New Look 6000 and it’s already ordered and on route. I think green and white polka dot for me. I love that I didn’t even though this pattern existed a few short hours ago. Yay to all the kindly bloggers for inspiration.

  7. OMG that New Look pattern looks almost exactly like a little sketch I did in my notebook a couple of weeks ago for a pattern I want to draft – but without the gathering bit and with a bow at the collar instead of a button. I’ve had some purple double knit sitting in my stash all year and was thinking what I could make with it. Hmm… now I’m facing a dilemma – spend hours drafting my own pattern or buy a similar one in just one click… damn you! I may just be too lazy to resist!

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  9. I’m in love with your vintage Simplicity – I agree the neckline is amazing!

    I am still waiting for to ship my pre-order of the Colette book – lucky you 🙂

    Happy sewing! 🙂

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