The mists and mellow fruitfulness dress

It’s a beautiful autumnal afternoon here in London. This morning we drew the blinds to see a mist wafting through the streets. What a gorgeous time of year. I’m so happy to have finished and named my new dress: The mists and mellow fruitfulness dress! I’m wearing it to a wedding next weekend which is a big deal – I’ve never been so bold as to wear one of my dresses to a big ticket event. Here goes…

The pattern is McCalls 2401 which I made earlier this year in a green polka dot. The fabric is a beautiful 100% vintage silk from Liberty which I picked up at a vintage fair for £15.

McCalls 2401: Mists and mellow fruitfulness

I was determined to make this dress as nice on the inside as it is on the outside, so I turned and stitched the seams where I could (side and sleeve seams) and pinked the rest of them.

Inside view

It was only when I was putting the finishing touches to the dress that I realised I had a beautiful vintage buckle which I bought in Norwich earlier this year. It was so easy running up a little belt. I think it just adds that extra special detail.

Vintage belt buckle

The fabric was very keen to fray, especially round the hem. I originally decided to bind the edges with a soft pink bias binding before hemming normally but once I added it I loved the little shot of soft pink at the bottom and decided to leave it there. Plus I like this length. Bonus!

Can you see the binding?

I have a peachy grey fur stoll to wear with it and I need to get some fancier tights. I’m slightly worried about creasing but I’ll be wearing a slip on the day so hopefully that should reduce wrinkles.

I only wish I knew how to add lining to dresses. This frock is crying out for a lining to really give it some longevity and feel more sturdy. One day…

Forgive those under-eye bags – it was a late one last night!

In other news – yesterday was the best sewing-related news day… ever. I got an honorable mention from Tilly about the blog (hooray!), the postman delivered my Minoru pattern (whoop!) and I won Handmade Jane’s giveaway for the most gorgeous snood, inspired by Karen’s snood-around-the-world and knitted by Jane’s very own mum! Unbelievable. It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Right, I’m off to have some butternut squash soup. Yum.

41 thoughts on “The mists and mellow fruitfulness dress

  1. Oh, Joanne – this is beautiful, and the colour suits you so well! You’ll turn heads at that wedding!

    I love turned and stitched seams – it’s by far my favourite method of finishing seams.

  2. It’s a stunning make Joanne, you’re going to look gorgeous at the wedding. The fabric is so classy, as are the turned seams and the belt is a perfect finishing touch. Don’t wear it with your snood though, or you may spoil the effect! x

  3. This is such a lovely dress, you look so elegant. I haven’t done turned and stitched seams since I’ve had my overlocker but seeing how neat they look makes me want to put the effort in.

  4. Joanne, this is such an elegant dress and it fits you like a glove! Just imagine proudly saying ‘I made it’ when everyone’s paying your compliments at the wedding ;o) I really love the belt, as you say, it finished the dress off nicely, especially with such a pretty buckle!

    Oh…I have those shoes too by the way ;o)

  5. Super-lovely. It’s so elegant. I love the belt, buckle and turned seams. Do you know, I’ve never done a turned seam! I may need to, soon. So glad you won the snood and your Tilly mention was more than deserved.

  6. I just found your blog today!
    the pink blouse on the upper right of your page is exactly the one for which I’ve been searching.
    Will you please share the pattern number and company?
    Love the collar.
    Love the fit of the shoulder and sleeve.
    Love that it’s really a blouse and not a shirt.

    • them to read further? Well, if yo&2#8u17;re still looking for answer to those question, visit this post by Elizabeth. While I always agree, that a blog should have some great call to action (CTA),

  7. I just have to say that I love the name you chose for your dress. It suits perfectly – not only because of our autumnal weather at the moment but because your fabric is such a beautiful misty grey… and the design even looks a bit like fallen leaves. Good old Keats!

    • Thanks Kate! I didn’t realise how perfectly the dress chimed in with the autumnal theme until I stepped outside. Then it just made sense I guess. Good old Keats indeed 🙂

  8. beautiful! the matching belt is the perfect finishing touch!

    i do love lining dresses but i think it’s a good thing you didn’t line this one… putting a lining against silk should be a SIN. keep that lusciousness next to your skin, girl! 🙂

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  10. Juste un mot, sur les desserts qui s&nurso;accompagqent merveilleusement bien après fondue; Meringue à la crème de Gruyère. à déguster dans une fruitière ou une métairie.De l’été comme l’hiver, c’est un plaisir locale suisse.

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