On the home straight

My goodness this dress is taking its own sweet time… but nearly there now. Just the sleeves and the hem to finish off.

Liberty Silk McCalls 2401 full

Remember I had some awful water stains on the fabric early on in this project? Well after a root around the internet for advice on removing water stains from silk, I found a great tip. Just boil a kettle and take the lid off so lots of steam is rising up and the kettle keeps boiling. Hold the stained fabric above the kettle (making sure not to get splashed by boiling water of course). The stains just magically disappear! Genius! I’ve not got rid of every single one yet though – I need a weekend and lots of daylight to do that.

Liberty silk McCalls 2401 bodice

I’ve found the silk to be medium tricksy. No slippery ways or anything – just has a tendency to fray quite a lot. I’ve also used some of Tasia’s tips on finishing seams, although I have to say mine aren’t quite so perfect. I’ll share pics and details once it’s completely finished. Apologies for the creases in the fabric. For obvious reasons I’m rather afraid of using the iron on this at the moment!

As the nights are drawing in my mind is increasingly turning towards Christmas and how ill-prepared I am. I haven’t bought a thing yet. We’re doing a not-so-secret-santa this year amongst us siblings and partners so it’s certainly easier just buying for one person instead of five (not including the husband, aged p’s and nieces and nephews of course). But I’m thinking of knocking up a few wee handmade gifts as little treats too. I’ve bought a bag of ‘flex frames’ (they’re those bendy metal snap-shut things that you get on kids purses and glass cases) so I’m thinking of doing some mobile phone covers using up some fabric scraps. Plus I’ve just bought some heat-protective wadding so maybe a pot holder/oven glove? I blame Crafty Christmas Club. I had no  intention of making handmade gifts but now I feel like it’s absolutely essential! I shake my tinselled fists at you Tilly Buttons!

4 thoughts on “On the home straight

  1. oooh girl that is turning out lovely! can’t wait to see it complete!

    i won’t sew silk because i always mess it up – not from water stains, but by scorching it with my iron. oops. lol.

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