A cute little jacket inspired by Mad Men

Call me Ginny-come-lately if you like, but I’m finally getting into Mad Men. We got series 1 & 2 on DVD recently and we’re already more than halfway though (no spoilers please!). So now I see what all the fuss is about. It’s not just some flippant little period piece with less substance than one of Christina Hendricks’ bra straps, oh no. But I’m not going to wax lyrical about it – it’s all been said already. What I will say is ‘hello you little swingy cheeky polka-dot jacket you’, modelled so prettily by Trudy, Pete’s wife.

Isn’t it so cute? Inspired by Handmade Jane‘s latest coat project I went off in search of a suitable pattern to bring this little baby to life. I figured as long as I got something in the right dimensions with the Peter Pan collar, I could  adjust the front to be a little more curved and swingy. I found Simplicity 4082 for that very purpose.

Simplicity 4082

Cover shots aside (hello? can someone call the granny out of Golden Girls and tell her someone’s stealing her style?) this is a very cute jacket pattern and has the possibility of infinite (well alright – let’s say ‘lots of’) permutations.

I’m toying with two possible versions: a polkadot (naturally) for a sort of indoors jacket to be worn over a long sleeve top with jeans, and a light coat for spring (or even a mild winter’s day if over a jumper) using the remainder of the teal corduroy I used for the Betty Blue Beignet. I feel it’s a suitable stepping stone towards making my own coat, something which I’d love to do at some point next year. There’s no way I’m ready for it at the moment, and to be honest nor do I feel the inclination to start such a scary project this side of Christmas. So this is good.

P.S. I’ve just realised that the title of this post indicated some kind of finished project for you to view.  Whoops. I haven’t even started it yet… I’m just thinking aloud…

10 thoughts on “A cute little jacket inspired by Mad Men

  1. Ooh thanks for the mention! I would have loved to have made a swing jacket but my proportions are wrong and I just know I’d have looked pregnant! It goes without saying that you must make a polka dot one, but a second one in teal cord would be just SSOOO gorgeous… x
    PS. I’m delighted you’ve focused on Trudy, she’s a pretty minor and not particularly likeable character but I LOVE her outfits.

    • No worries at all. No you wouldn’t look pregnant no way jose – you are weeny! Glad you approve of polka dots too and yes I agree Trudy is frequently well put together. Poor Trudy (bear with me I’m only on series 2 – maybe she gets worse) I feel sorry for her putting up with evil Pete, even though she is a bit spoiled!

  2. There’s no harm in thinking aloud – it’s interesting to know what other stitchers are plotting! I love Trudy. And this jacket is very cute. Looking forward to seeing your version.

  3. Hee, hee! I did think – wow, she’s been busy. I love your ideas for a jacket. I’d go with polka dot. Would the cord be a bit heavy for that delicate curved front hem? Can’t wait to see what you do!

    • That’s a very good point actually Karen – it might be that for the corduroy version I’ll keep to corners hmm. I will definitely make a muslin first for this given the alteration required, and then the lightweight version… so hopefully I’ll have a good idea how certain fabrics behave and how difficult it is. Having said that the teal corduroy worked well with a curve inside the beignet (attached to the lining) so not sure if that translates to this garment or not – we shall find out!

    • Heheh it is truly bonkers isn’t it! If I have enough corduroy left do you dare me to make some kind of crazy hat with it to match the coat? Don’t answer that!

  4. Haha, you tricked me into thinking you’d finished the jacket, but thinking aloud is perfectly normal! I love Mad Men and have been waiting for months for the new series :o( I’ve always thought Trudy is one of the best dressed (aren’t they all amazing though?) and this little jacket is fab! The Simplicity one you’ve found is a really close match…how exciting!

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