Hey diddly-dee – a country life’s for me

Hello lovely readers. I’ve just got back from the most amazing weekend. Ever. Fact. Well, semi-fact. It was pretty good as weekends go. And in all honesty I wasn’t looking forward to it as much as I’d hoped because:

a) An unfortunate date mix up meant my husband couldn’t come as well – entirely my fault.

b) Recent chilly temperatures had given me a case of the dreads.

What was I up to? I was glamping!

Well, to be honest I think glamping isn’t necessarily the right term for it because it was so much more than that. More like renting a log cabin in the woods. It was sublime. The weather was wonderful, the company was awesome.

We played silly games and drank wine like it was going out of fashion. We saw deer, sheep, pheasants, ducks, dogs and more.

We cooked a full english and a cowboy sausage stew using the power of fire and a bit of iron. We collected hot water and pumped it through a bucket in an outside shower and it was glorious. I simply did not want to leave – that is the life for me, my friends. I was made to be  a country gal. Perhaps one day…

So as you can imagine there was no sewing going on this weekend whatsover. I attempted a spot of crochet but to be honest the views and craic just distracted me from it and I quickly gave up again.

I am determined however to get back into my sewing regime this week. I still haven’t decided whether to make a simple calico muslin for McCalls 2401 or make yet another wearable muslin. You might recall I did a wearable muslin for it a while back, but had some fitting issues which I sorted out on the fly.  Ideally I’d like to get straight into making the real thing with my vintage Liberty silk but I’m scared that I’ll not update the pattern correctly (this will be the first time I do this) and the fit will be all wrong in a different way. But then again… there are only so many 2401s a country girl can wear. And I’m itching to get onto the Peony as well… ooh what to do, what to do? Any advice? I’m paralysed with indecision!


2 thoughts on “Hey diddly-dee – a country life’s for me

  1. Wow, your weekend away sounds and looks amazing. That group photo is like something off an album cover. Are you backing singer or bass player? Regarding the muslin: why don’t you just do a calico version of the bodice section to make sure that the gaping neck adjustments are working? Nothing else was major, was it – just ease at the hips? Good luck!

    • Oh it was so fantastic Karen – I would highly recommend it! Heheh we were ‘channeling’ Clannad circa 1982 in that picture don’t you think? I’ll be the percussionist – I’m good for nowt else. That’s a great idea about the muslin. I was fretting about wasting perfectly good calico on the whole dress when I knew it was just the shoulders that had major issues. Durr, of course I don’t have to do the whole thing – just the top. And no need for sleeves either to be honest. Thanks so much – problem solved and only a wee bit of calico to buy tomorrow 🙂

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