Time, time, time… see what’s become of me…

Where does the time go, I ask you? Is it hiding from you as well? At the moment it eludes me all day, only popping out at bedtime to say ‘You missed me again today – see you tomorrow sucker!’

Because time has been such a precocious imp, my sewing has pretty much stalled in the last week. And I’m away this weekend so there won’t be much more done. But I did manage to practice a bit of crochet this week – here’s the big reveal!


Stop that sniggering at the back. Don’t mock the yarn-challenged. It’s a start isn’t it? I couldn’t have got anywhere near this without the help and guidance of my good friend Bridie, who is currently churning out about a squillion granny squares in the most gorgeous colours of teal, ivory and fawn for an as yet undecided project (wish I’d got a pic).  We hooked up (sorry) at a pub in Islington last night for a natter and an impromptu tutoring session

Her patience and ability to resist the urge to rip the crochet needle from my fat stuttering fingers and do it herself is exemplary. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, she’s also a wonderful friend. Check out this wonderful gift she presented me with last night. (Should I say wonderful again? Alright – wonderful.)

Handmade with love by Stitch and Witter

How amazing is that? I mean, seriously? Couldn’t you just kiss her yourself?! Thanks Bridie I can’t wait to use them! x

In other news I have been a colossal t*t when it comes to diary scheduling. I had planned to go away glamping with a bunch of chums from school and I had it in my head (and my diary) that it was the last weekend in October. Hence my complete and utter surprise and panic when I was alerted to the fact that it is (ahem) this weekend. And tragically my husband now cannot come because he’s on the rota for working the weekend :(. So it’s going to be me, my hot water bottle and three couples. Sans husband. Sigh. I shall have to pack extra socks and a thermal vest for bedtime. Wish me luck and warmth. Oh and, I’ll bring the crochet…


6 thoughts on “Time, time, time… see what’s become of me…

  1. A very good start on the crochet! My first circles would always end up as miniature baskets… Couldn’t get them to stay flat! And an adorable present – mind if I ask where your friend had them made? x

  2. Those labels are brilliant. What a super-lovely friend. No laughing at crocheting here – what’s to laugh at? Take a wine box camping with you – they almost feel as cuddly as a husband after you’ve half-emptied it!

  3. I love those labels – might have to steal that idea! And at least you are brave enough to put your crochet on your blog – you can’t even tell my first attempt is actually crochet, so I’ve hidden it under a bookcase where no-one can see!

  4. I’m glad you liked the labels – as Joanne said they were from http://www.able-labels.co.uk and you can design your own – but the site can be very confusing to find your way around and I think. You have to look for the enhancement labels (the picture clothing labels are more for children’s clothing) and there are a range of ones suitable for knitting and sewing in their image library (and even washing instructions if you need those). You can even design your own.

    I think one more session and Joanne will be making granny squares like a granny! Huge progress from our Crafternoon.

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