Vintage trawl unearths an unexpected treasure

Och, I’m a sucker for them. Just put the words ‘vintage’ and ‘market’ together and I Snoopy-food-float towards it without even thinking. As was the case on Saturday when I discovered a vintage market was taking place not more than 20 minutes from my own front door. Well, reader, could you blame me?

And I’m so glad I did. Because not only did I manage to pick up some amazing fabric (more details below) I also caught up with Carrie of Oh So Retro who I bought my seventies sideboard from at the last market. It was missing the sliding smoked glass doors and I just presumed they’d been broken/lost over the years. But Carrie spotted me and remembered that she had the original glass under the seat in the van! Amazing. Could you get any more serendipitous?

Sixties peg bag

But onto fabric-related goodness. From the same stall I managed to snaffle not just this fabulous sixties peg bag for £2.

Sixties blue floral cotton

But also this rather lovely double sheet for just £4. I hope to use the fabric for a wearable muslin, perhaps for the Colette Peony which arrived today in the post along with the Ginger. Hooray for posties everywhere!

Liberty of London vintage fabric

But what really attracted my attention was this gorgeous pewter fabric with little starry flowers sprinkled across it. Further inspection revealed it was actually vintage Liberty – oh my. It was also 5.5 metres long and 90 cm wide and was going for a bargain £15. Well you know what happened, don’t you?

Still not sure what kind of fabric it is. The lady on the stall said it was silk but to be honest (though I am far from a fabric boffin) it doesn’t have that slippery softness of silk. Is there such a thing as a silk/polyester mix? Any fabric afficionados able to guess the fabric just by the photograph? No information on the selvedge either other than this marvellous little Liberty logo.

Liberty logo

I have plans for this fabric. I’d like to create either the McCalls 2401 (View E) or the Colette Peony using it. In fact I may be able to squeeze both out of it as it’s so long.  I’m currently making a wearable muslin of the 2401. I’ve had some issues with the  fit across the shoulders (resulting in a huge gape at the back which had to be taken in) so I want to adapt the pattern and try again with another wearable muslin before I cut into this wonderful fabric. Exciting!


8 thoughts on “Vintage trawl unearths an unexpected treasure

  1. That Liberty fabric does look like a silk from the selvedge and it’s gorgeous! Try burning a strand or small piece and if it shrivels up into ash and smells like burning hair it’s probably silk. Look forward to seeing what you make from this and your other finds.

    • Oh my goodness Clare I just tried that and it does smell like burning hair and it did shrivel right up! I can’t believe it might actually be silk! thanks so much!

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