SSS’11: And so we face the final curtain…

Oh my god – we’re at the end. The very end.

SSS'11: Day 28

Day twenty-eight: A day off sick due to evil cold

Wearing: A dress I made pre-blog plus cardy cos I was blowing hot and cold all day

Wear again? Oh I don’t think so, due to complete and utter lack of dressmaking skills when I made it. There are no darts; it was basically a dress outline cut out and sewn together. With a peter pan collar thrown in for good measure. I think maybe it could be saved if I add some darts so watch this space. I do like the sixties kitchen sink vibe though. Get down t’factory Vera and knock us up a gusset!

SSS'11: Day 29

Day twenty-nine: Hot in the city

Wearing: Zen-im Beignet 

Wear again? Yay am happy to be wearing the beignet once again before the month is out. Perfect for a hot day in London Town.

SSS'11: Day 30

Day thirty: Final day outfit!!!!!!!!

Wearing: Upcycled Monsoon dress

Wear again? Awh I feel a bit of a cheat since I’m not wearing a full made-from-scratch outfit but it was so HOT and most of my other stuff is fairly robust and not at all suitable for summer. Note I am not wearing tights in this pic – they are footless tights which are much cooler and remove the need to de-hair and tan, so there.

That’s it then. All done. I’ve been penning a bit of a review of the month so far so will pop that up over the weekend. But for now it’s goodbye Self-Stitched-September, thank you Zoe and good night!


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