Self-Stitched-September: Days 17,18,19, 20 & 21

We’re on the home straight now. Only nine days of SSS’11 to go. Without going into too much detail (I’ll do a full review on how I’ve found my first self-stitched month to be at the end) this has been such an experience for me. I’m sure I’ve broken a few psychological barriers in how I dress for myself  on a daily basis, although it’s also highlighted for me how much I’m still constrained by my own notions of dressing, mostly so as not to attract attention to myself. More on that later!
SSS'11: Day 17

Day seventeen: Saturday roast – how very forward of me

Wearing: Bright eyes smock top and a faraway look in my eye from all that meat.

Wear again? Indeed – it allows you to eat half a pig plus potatoes and veg and still hides most of it convincingly. Don’t like that pic though – have developed a wonky fringe and a fat face – ah that’s where the piggy went.  Fail pic, for shame.
SSS'11: Day 18
Day eighteen: Sunday’s girl

Wearing: Brand new, never-seen-before-only-just-finished Betty Blue Beignet, plus my favourite stripey top from Cos (complete with umpteen tiny holes, some of which are fixed some of which aren’t).

Wear again? Of course – will try to mix it up a bit with different belts and tops to see how it looks. Looking forward to wearing it with a black ribbed polo neck when Autumn really sets in.

SSS'11: Day 19

Day nineteen: Monday evening messiness

Wearing: Betty Blue Beignet and polka-dot smock top

Wear again? I couldn’t resist not wearing my new skirt a second day – it’s so cheery!

SSS'11: Day 20
Day twenty: Bah humbug

Wearing: One of my first garment sewing projects from earlier this year (so not written up) – a Sorbetto top from Colette patterns plus jeans and cardy

Wear again? No. I really don’t like this top. The darts are wonky, the bias binding is too thick for the blouse fabric and it’s just… meh. I feel all drained and grey just looking at myself in it. Plus I’m not a big fan of the Sorbetto top in general – the shape doesn’t suit me at all, although I have seen some beautiful versions across other blogs. Not for me. One for the charity shop bag methinks.

SSS'11: Day 21

Day twenty-one: Just another day at the office (I need to get out more midweek)

Wearing: Hooray – first outing for my Slouchy Autumn Berries dress with new purple tights and Modcloth cardy

Wear again? I’m so pleased I tried this one today. I was so afraid it wouldn’t suit but with a little cardy it’s just right for a grey September Wednesday. Really pleased with it – it’s warm, super-comfortable and just the right amount of flattering. Wasn’t sure if I would try this pattern again but I think I’m coming round!

In other news, I been following Casey’s Circle Skirt Sewalong. I caught up last night, cutting out my skirt and inserting the zipper. But gasp, the waist seems very large, despite following all the directions. I’m hoping Casey will reassure me/come to my rescue when it’s time to sew in the waistband.

4 thoughts on “Self-Stitched-September: Days 17,18,19, 20 & 21

  1. You’re doing great! (there’s that word again!) LOVE your Beignet. Have you tried the Sorbetto by ommitting the centre pleat or inverting it? Makes a great wardrobe basic for layering like that.

  2. you guys are too good to me! Awh bless you both! Yes maybe I should give the sorbetto another whirl. I was a super-novice when I did it first so perhaps as Portia suggests I should try altering the centre pleat. I never show my upper arms though – it would always have to suit a cardy or I would have to add sleeves! Thankee kindly!

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