Completed project: Betty Blue Beignet

I’ve made my second Beignet…and I love it. God I love it. It’s the most gorgeous colour (teal) and material (corduroy). I’m delighted with it. I’ve unashamedly copied both Tilly’s bow belt and a touch of styling on the old stripey top (although truth be told there was nothing else that worked as well anyway with this skirt).

Betty Blue Beignet

With the bow I mostly followed Tilly’s instructions but I decided to make the bow removable just in case I wanted to do something else with the belt like use a buckle or something. So it’s stuck on with some velcro!

Hooray for the Beignet. Is there a more accessible or useful pattern out there? I’d love to know but as a beginner sewer this was fairly easy to follow (plus it’s marked as intermediate which makes you feel even better) and it’s so adaptable. Officially am in love with the Beignet.

P.S. Just adding a quick para to thank Handmade Jane for her tips on the belt loops. No way would I have been able to create those loops without her clever cheat.

21 thoughts on “Completed project: Betty Blue Beignet

    • Hey Karen 🙂 Isn’t it a beautiful colour? I got it from and to be honest I got enough for the Beignet (according to the instructions) but I have squillions left so am going to use the rest for either another skirt or perhaps a shirt. Heheh we have the same shoes – Office perchance? Comfy and give height but good for my awful bunion feet. Yes, I suffer from the bunions.. it’s a lewsley woman thing….

      • I suffer from bunions too and these shoes are fabulous for me. Mine are Carvella – perhaps you can get those at Office? I am going to check out that website NOW!

  1. Oh my GOLLY! This is just so… perfect! I love it! The corduroy buttons are adorable – were they fiddly to make?

    Ooh and I’m so excited you made a bow belt – I’m in the process of putting together a little blog post featuring bow belts people have made. Can I borrow one of your pictures? Email me or leave a comment on my blog to let me know if that’s okay.

    • Thankee Tilly! The buttons weren’t too fiddly – I bought one of those tools for a couple of quid from John Lewis but I’ll be honest – after eight of them I enlisted the husband to start helping as my upper body strength was just gone, plus my hands loooked like I had some awful disease!

  2. The skirt is beautiful. I have been looking for corduroy to use for my Ginger pattern. Perhaps I can get a bit extra for the Beignet as well?

    Again, beautiful skirt. The “Tilly bow” belt was a lovely touch.

  3. This is just perfect! Great colour and I love a soft corduroy!!! I’ve loved everyone’s Beignet’s I’ve seen to date, but I’m not convinced it would suit me at all, which is sad. However, after just completing a Ginger muslin, I know that it’s going to become my go to pattern regardless of the season! It’s so easy and quick to make, hope you find the same once you give it a go!

  4. Gorgeous! I love this. and I love the teal cord too! I must have some of my own! I’m planning on starting my first Beignet in the next week or so – I’ve ordered some navy needlecord – love the bowbelt, so might have to copy you there!

  5. I love your skirt, it’s beautiful. I’m really inspired to make one now, after I’ve finished the 3 things I’m in the middle of! Love your blog.

  6. My computer’s broken so this is a brief interlude in the library catching up on my favourite blogs. Just had to use some of my precious library computer time to say how completely gorgeous your Beignet is, truly beautiful. Oh I bet you’re SSOOO thrilled with yourself! x p.s. delighted to see the belt loop cheat worked! x

    • Jane I thought you were being a bit quiet! Oh no how annoying for you. Thank you so much – I am honoured to have to have taken up precious library time! Hope you get your computer sorted out soon – we are bereft! xxx

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