Self-Stitched September: Days 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16

SSS'11 Day 12

Day twelve: I don’t like Mondays

Wearing: Upcycled thrift polka dot dress, Modcloth cardy

Wear again? I feel like this is a bit of cheat, because all I did was take up the dress a couple of inches, and that was about two years ago so I haven’t got it written up on the blog. But I suppose it does qualify… hey ho! Yes, have worn many times and will wear again.

SSS'11 Day 13

Day thirteen: Early night

Wearing: Self-stitched jammies and Topshop nightgown

Wear again? These jammies are so soft and cosy – love them, despite the bottoms being a bit baggy round the bum. So yes, will wear again… and again… and again…

SSS'11 Day 14

Day fourteen: Bed time… again

Wearing: Pyjamas – again

Wear again? Um so basically I had a slip up on Day 14. I got dressed as normal and went to ask the husband to take a pic. Only then did I realise that the top I was wearing (green Zara polka dot top) was not made by me, but I’d recreated it so many times (three times in fact) I’d gotten confused and thought I had. Has that ever happened to you?  So I had to substitute a pic of the jammies again but to make up for it you also get Keef getting a lovein. Noef noef noef!

SSS'11 Day 15

Day fifteen: A sunny Thursday morn

Wearing: Bright Eyes smock top

Wear again? Definitely – I really like this top – it’s sturdier than the other smock tops as it’s made of a thicker cotton and I really love the peter pan collar and bias binding on the sleeves.

SSS'11 Day 16

Day sixteen: TFI Friday

Wearing:Polka dot smock top and Zen-im Beignet

Wear again? Yay – a whole self-stitched outfit! The resewn buttons are staying put for now and the blouse’s popularity shows no sign of abating. This is one of my faves.

There are at least three items in my wardrobe that qualify but haven’t been worn yet, for various reasons. One of them is my slouchy autumn berries jersey dress. One, I feel like it’s a bit too wintry. Two, I feel like it’s a bit too smart to wear to work. Three, I think it has stretched whilst hanging in the wardrobe because it seems a lot bigger than before. But I will get it out this weekend and try it on and hopefully squeeze it in next week.

Let me know your thoughts!

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