Self-Stitched-September ’11: Here it comes, ready or not…

Oh my goodness I’m excited and frightened all at once about the upcoming Self-Stitched-September ’11 project, started by the fantastic Zoe of

I’ve been madly stitching myself into a frenzy, trying to amass enough clothing to see me through. This is what I’ve got so far – a mix of self-stitched and upcycled items. You might recognise a few…

Self-Stitched-September '11 - the lineup

What I’m looking forward to most about SSS’11 is the opportunity to try out lots of styles and come up with different ways to accessorise/wear the same item. At least that’s what I aim to do – the reality may just be me in the same outfit seven times! We’ll see.

This isn’t my finite wardrobe though – I’m in the middle of a pair of PJs (hopefully I can reveal them this weekend) and as soon as I get some fabric I’ll be joining Casey’s circle skirt sewalong, as well as attempting a corduroy Beignet and perhaps churning out another smock top or two (I think they’ll come in very handy during SSS’11).

What about you? Are you doing it? Have you had a panic attack at the thought yet? Let me know and we’ll hyperventilate together.

Enough worrying though – I’d better get to bed early tonight – have a 7am conference call in the office tomorrow morning – ack!


2 thoughts on “Self-Stitched-September ’11: Here it comes, ready or not…

  1. Ooo – you have lots of lovely pieces to choose from! I’m still deciding if I should join in too or not, but I don’t really think I have enough to see me through. I wonder if I could do a “Self Stitched Saturdays in September” instead!

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