Watch out fabrics – I have my beady eye on you, and you…

I know – I’ve not been wittering much for the last few days, but that’s not because I haven’t been stitching. In fact, I’m very excited to say I’m almost finished my Colette Beignet and fingers crossed (or hold thumbs as my South African friend puts it) I’ll be able to show you it later this week! In the meantime, here’s what I’m lusting after (fabric-wise), come pay day. Oh dear God hurry up pay day please…

I’ve promised the nephew a pair of jazzy pyjama bottoms. He’s obsessed with pirates so I’ve found this fabulous skull and cross bones fabric online for a bargain 3.50/metre. The husband has put in a personal request for pyjama bottoms of his own – so maybe we’ll see a spot of male modelling here next month!

Skulls and cross bones

I’ve been looking for a suitable fabric to make my McCall’s M2401 dress. Thinking it will be an Autumn outfit so a rich floral might be nice. Or maybe I revert to type and go for polka dot – again!
Look at this gorgeous floral cotton from Fabric Tales:

Fabric Tales floral
and this lovely jade green polka dot is just £2.99 a metre – could be a great wearable muslin…

Jade polka-dot

Or let’s just blow the budget shall we? Look at this stunning cotton from Liberty – part of their Liberty Rocks range. Graham Coxon designed it. He’s one of my favourite musicians (Bittersweet Bundle of Misery was the first dance at the wedding) and this is really lovely:

Graham Coxon for Liberty Rocks
I’m getting so excited about finishing my Beignet that I’m already planning another one. I’ve been inspired by Tilly’s gorgeous Banana Sweetie Skirt and would love to do a corduroy version of my own. Maybe a lovely teal with a hot pink satin lining and covered buttons.
Teal Corduroy
One thing’s for sure. I have a LOT of sewing to get through if I have anywhere near enough items for Self-Stitched-September. I’d better get cracking!

11 thoughts on “Watch out fabrics – I have my beady eye on you, and you…

  1. Love them all but I think I’ll gave to stop reading your blog as it’s making me feel entirely inadequate with the speed of my own projects. Drawstring bag for babyham still lingers unfinished in work box, oilskin blind for ensuite still to be started, pj bottoms (again for babyham) to be cut but I did buy some beautiful material for them from fabric rehab. Love the skull and crossbones – did I spot Pauline with a little not on her knee at wedding. Is she a mum now?

      • Oh val I wish I’d seen this last night. I have absolutely been there too. In fact I still get project despair when I see someone proudly displaying something. I’ve made more things in the last two months than I did the previous two years, but that’s largely (if not all) down to this blog. What else would I talk about? 😉 more to the point you have babyham! The fact that you get any time for sewing is amazing! I saw from your second post that you got the sewing machine out. Now I have a permanent place for it it’s so much easier to start. Maybe you could leave it out somewhere? And maybe make something for yourself like a dress or skirt. It definitely feels more like you’re treating yourself! Xxx

  2. Gorgeous choice of fabrics, I like them all. I’ve got the skull one in red! I dragged my son to the fabric shop under great protest recently, and had to buy it for him to stop his whingeing! I was going to make him a cushion but PJ bottoms is a much better idea, do you have a pattern in mind?

      • All despair banished this morning and I have been showing off pics of the completed drawstring bag this morning – but thanks for the pep talk. Due to the babyham the sewing machine must be kept on a high shelf – she is a very curious girl and wants so much to do everything I do which has resulted from burnt fingers from trying to make toast through to a big bump on the head from dancing round in my platform stilletos!!! As for me I’ve signed up for a 9 week upcycle fashion course starting in September so I have a separate pile of projects already planned. I’ve been investing heavily in tweed and check skirts that I want to update in time for Winter. If they are wearable I will post.

      • Thanks for the link. I struck while the iron was hot and made him a pair yesterday! They turned out great, my one tip is to keep the waistband edge straight: I curved mine to follow the line of the PJ’s I was copying from and it was a real pain trying to turn it under neatly for the elastic. Other than that they were easy peasy. My son loves them – I did a shorts version as I only had 0.5m of fabric and he’s taking them away as his holiday PJ’s! x

  3. Ahh brilliant!!!! Ooh am intrigued about this course – it sounds fantastic. I would love to see some pics. And d’oh of course you couldn’t have sewing machine out with babyham – what was I thinking? Heheh – glad to hear you’ve snapped out of the sewing doldrums though 🙂

  4. I love that teal cord! I might have to indulge too (have you ordered from Trurofabrics before?)

    Thanks for the link to the pj pattern – I think it’s about time I sewed something up for my husband!

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