Frankenstein polka dot – the sequel

Hello sewing peeps, and how are you on this marvellous drizzly evening (in London at least)? At the moment it feels like summer is never going to come back but that’s not going to stop me from hoping. I’m an optimistic sort of person (some might say stubborn) which is probably why I came home from work tonight, rolled up my sleeves and gave the Frankenstein polka dot what for. I was determined to get a collar and some sleeves on that monster. But you know what? It bit back.

Sleeve tragedy

Yes, you’re wondering “Is that sleeve seam on the wrong side…or…?” I’m ashamed to say it is. Warning: This is what happens when you have little or no experience of sewing from scratch and are too impatient to check you’re doing it correctly. I’m sure this has never happened to any of you, but if you have a similar story to share then  it might make me feel better!

Not to be deterred, I ripped that unfortunate sleeve off and started again. I’ve also ripped off the old collar and tried a new shape round the neck. But I’m still not feeling it…

Frankenstein - the sequel

…and look at the state of it from behind. Eurgh. Run children! Run for your lives from the Frankenstein polka dot!

Frankenstein - the back view

I can tell this project will just run and run. In the meantime – let’s try something new – like the gorgeous Colette Beignet. I’m making a wearable muslin using a lovely light blue denim shell and a flowery cotton lining picked up from Walthamstow Mkt a couple of weeks ago. I’ve traced the pattern onto some of that Swedish tracing paper that acts like material – ooh I love it. I’ve used almost all of it though and it’s quite expensive. I’ll cut out the pieces tonight after the husband serves up his chicken fajitas – he’s already told me to vacate the dining table sharpish…

Colette Beignet materials

Finally, my (almost) 12 year old niece Hannah has been hinting that she’d like a hand-made gift for her birthday coming up soon, so I’ve knocked her up a log cabin patchwork cushion. It’s my first patchwork cushion as well as my first cushion using a zip rather than an envelope opening so  bit of a learning curve.

Hannah's patchwork cushion
She also quite fancied the idea of having it featured on t’internet so Hannah, my darling first born niece – this is for you. xxx


5 thoughts on “Frankenstein polka dot – the sequel

  1. Just trying to think of the film with the most sequels that I can think of to wonder how many there will be before the frock is finished – doesn’t Friday 13th have about 13? Or should it be Carry On blue polka dot….?

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