Guess what? I’ve got a robot, a robot…

Bag! I managed to finish my For Pleat’s Sake tote bag project on Friday night. I was desperate to get it finished, not least because sewing is OUT this weekend as I’m off to ATP festival at Ally Pally all day Saturday and Sunday so there’s no way I could get to do a bit of stitching until next week.

For pleat's sake tote bag

Am completely chuffed with this bag. It’s the first one I’ve made that I’ll be glad to wear out (and not slightly apologetic about). I hope it looks fairly professional. I think it does. It was pretty easy to make on the whole, although sewing down the ‘v’ sides was a bit tricky as a first timer – I over estimated how far I needed to go and had to get out the ol’ trusty seam ripper. We’re now fully acquainted – the seam ripper and I. I’m pretty sure I use it every time I sew. I’m going to call her Harper 7.

For pleat's sake tote bag

I love the handles. They were super-easy to sew on with a bit of leftover embroidery thread.

And another exciting addition – I ordered some woven labels to sew into items that I made for gifts for family and friends, initially as a bit of a joke but I got steadily more and more excited when I thought about them. They arrived on Friday! I want to put them on everything, all of the time. So I sewed one in. I really need to work on my technique for though – look at the state of that?! Any tips?

For pleat's sake tote bag

Loving the robot print. I have a bit of a fetish for songs about robots. You might have noticed the small  and not very clever reference to Marina & the Diamonds in the title, but I think this bag has Robyn & Royksopp’s The Girl and the Robot written all over it, which is one of my all-time favourite pop songs.

If you fancy making this bag too, the full tutorial is available for free from the fabulous Lisa  Lam on u-Handbag.


2 thoughts on “Guess what? I’ve got a robot, a robot…

  1. Hi there, I clicked over to your site from Tilly’s blog and have been enjoying reading through all your posts. I really love your whale blouse – the fabric is awesome!
    I know this post I’m commenting on is from July, but no one replied to your query about how to sew in labels so I thought I’d give you my suggestion. Perhaps your labels arrived while you were well through making your bag, but for next time, just sew it onto your lining with your sewing machine before you attach the lining to the main fabric.
    I have the For Pleat’s Sake pattern too and keep meaning to make it up and it’s such a great bag. Where did you get your handles? From Uhandbag? And I really love the robot fabric!!!

    • Ah Suzie thank you so much for your kind comments. Actually I have a confession to make – I often forget I have the labels until the project is done – durr. You’re right though – sewing it directly into the lining will make for a much neater project. I got the handles for the handbag on ebay – here’s a link to them 🙂
      Thanks again! Joanne

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