Updates from the Sewing Room

Just so you know I’m not slacking in my resolution to make at least one new item a week, I thought it was time to introduce a mid-weekly sewing room update on whatever projects I’ve got on the go at the moment. It’s so nice to have multiple things in various stages but it can also seem like you’ll never finish anything. So this will keep me focused and motivated (or harassed and impatient – depending on the weather/availability of chocolate/red wine etc).

So, this week I am mostly…

Pieces for a new polka dot shift dress

Putting in the groundwork for a new dress, using my cloned pattern from the Oh Sew Brixton! workshop I did on Sunday. I’ve transferred the pattern to a sturdier paper and I’ve cut out my dress fabric. I’m using some leftover black with white polka-dot polyester satin (at least I think it’s polyester satin – my fabric knowledge is rubbish but I’m trying to improve it) that I bought at Walthamstow market for a couple of quid a few years ago. I want to try the pattern out on a cheap fabric before I go doolally in the shops. I’ve got a black cotton poplin for the lining which I’ve yet to cut out. I’m going to take this project sloooooow as it’s the first dress I’ve made in years and only the second ever unless you count tracing round a tunic, cutting it out, sewing it together and ignoring all shaping whatsoever. Oh and the baby dress – but that doesn’t count as I couldn’t fit into it.

I actually have metres and metres of this polka dot so I want to try my hand at making a circle skirt from it as well, using these fantastic directions from Andrea Tung. I’m really excited about this one, mostly because I used to have a scarlet circle skirt that I loved and stupidly threw out when I gained a bit of weight around the middle. Oh the shame and waste! I’ve also still got my wedding crinoline (a lovely champagne colour) which I think would look very sweet peeking out from under those polka dots.

Materials for the Pleat's Sake Tote

Tonight I’ll be starting on this pretty ‘For pleats sake’ tote bag (yes – another free pattern. How generous are web sewists? It’s awesome) from Lisa Lam at u-handbag.  I actually have a very similar robot print so I’ll be teaming that up with the leftover strawberry cotton from my recent apron tutorial. I even got the same red leather handles from eBay.  Hope to get this finished before the week is out.

Even more felt coasters!

And finally, when I have a moment, I’m continuing to add to my collection of felt coasters as it’s so nice having a bit of time away from the sewing machine, just watching a bit of telly and knocking one together. I made two just watching The Hour last night. (BTW did you enjoy it? Started a bit slow but picked up the pace for me – really enjoyed the period detail and love Ben Whishaw’s angsty angry journo – yikes he’s hot).

So that’s it from The Sewing Room this week. What about you? Any projects on the go?

Let me know your thoughts!

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